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Post Title : Word Processor

Posted On: 23/Jun/2020
Job Type: Contract
Qualifications: Any Degree
Experience: More than 6 Years
Location: India


Project Related
• Adhere to internal procedures, policies, and process as appropriate of
all project documentation development within the project
(SharePoint) workspace
• Coordinate with key stakeholders with respect to documentation
issues including: Global Document Control Manager, Project
Managers, Information Technology (IT), regional administrative staff,
and cross-regional project support/administrators when applicable
• Complete formatting assignments according to set standards
regarding order, clarity, conciseness, style, and terminology
• Develop lengthy documents with multiple sections
• Create and manage section breaks and their headers/footers
• Develop Tables of Contents and Table of Figures using field codes
• Develop bookmarks and cross-references within a document
• Create and manage lengthy and complex tables
• Insert landscape-oriented pages in amongst portrait oriented pages
• Insert symbols and special characters (i.e., degree symbols; en-, -em,
and non-breaking hyphens; non-breaking optional space characters;
etc.)Page 2 of 3
• Insert and manipulate graphics and other objects from Excel®.
PowerPoint®, Visio®, Acrobat® and other applications
• Utilize styles and templates to format a document
• Utilize the Track Changes feature to record and manage commenting
• Format cells, graphics, and object placement
• Incorporate revisions to the materials in a consistent manner in
keeping with the existing material
• Produce work that conforms to specifications and is error free in a
timely manner
• Identify missing or unclear information that needs to be resolved by
writers or client
• Follow client’s standards in regard to client specific formatting
• Complete formatting of materials within deadlines in order that
materials are delivered to the client in a timely manner
• Notify Project Manager when suspect copyright violations (plagiarism,
unauthorized use of third-party graphics, text with web hyperlinks, so
forth) for investigation by the Project Manager
• Keep an accurate register of time worked on each project
• Provide appropriate and honest feedback on work received from
writers, other KBC employees
• Seek clarification of priorities when balancing multiple projects
• Share word processing techniques with colleagues
• Respect others’ roles and authority within the company
• Solve problems by own initiative
• Advocate for consistency in high quality standards
• Be dependable in attendance and timeliness.
• Request time off as far in advance as possible to help managers in
planning project work load/hours
• Follow procedures on file naming, SharePoint use, file retention, and so
forth, in order to aid in the keeping of accurate records of the progress
of a particular material’s development
• Seek productive work
Principal Assessment Criteria:
• Customer satisfaction (Project Managers, Project Executives, KBC
Management Team)
• Methodical and well-organized approach to the work environment
• Ability to build strong working relationships, influence others and
encourage new practices
• Assertive but supportive
• Good communication and Interpersonal skills

• Ability to work well in a team environment under supervision and
willingness to assist others
• Ability to deal with short-time frames and handle multiple competing
• Level of self-motivation and initiative
• Proactive personal development
• Professional attitude and projection of professional company image
• Ability to follow a plan while still being able to adapt quickly to client’s
changing needs
• Multi-task on various deadline-driven projects
• Professional attitude and projection of professional company image
• Ability to work semi-independently
• Completion of work on schedule and according to established standards
• Be dependable in attendance and timeliness

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