Ingerem India is a global leader in Technical Documentation Services, Training Solutions and Technical Assistance in the field of Oil and Gas, Power, Mining and Cement industry. 
We strongly believe in delivering the industrial world with reliable services and thrive to build a sustainable relationship with our customers and help them achieve their business objectives by delivering the quality technical content and training. Our work is dedicated to prosperity of our customers and driven by our commitment to provide services scaled to meet their distinct needs. 

Our core business includes production of Standard Operating Procedures (SOP), Field Operators Hand Books, Operating Manuals and Maintenance Manuals. In order to further enhance productivity we provide training solutions such as  web based interactive training, Job Qualification Program, Training Model Designs, etc. In addition we also specialize in providing technical assistance in Pre Commissioning, Commissioning & Start-up, Project Management, Operation & Maintenance etc.  



  • Innovative and Reliable quality solutions tailored to your needs with great investment value.
  • Our Production Hubs are equipped with the processes, tools, and capabilities supported by a team of qualified engineers, trainers, technical writers, editors, subject matter experts and support staff who are experts in developing the quality, cost-effective technical content and training solutions.
  • Progress tracking through each stage and assign resources to maintain overall project momentum.
  • Dedicated Project Managers to work with your team to define standards, priorities, and schedules and provide regular reports of progress against budget spent.

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